Reach consumers where and when they are most receptive to your messaging.

You wouldn’t post your wedding invitation to your Facebook news feed when you’re only inviting 200 people. So why would you serve display ads to 10,000 addresses when you only really care about 10?

Traditional display advertising typically geo-targets at the ZIP Code level, which means your ads reach about 7,500 – 10,000 addresses, even though you’re really only interested in a small segment of that population. With Lean Media, you can geo-target at the individual consumer level*, allowing for more granular segmentation, greater engagement, and more money back in your pocket.

How do we do it?

Through IP intelligence, we have access to 99.9% of the world’s IP addresses, and when we map that data with our multi-sourced US consumer database, we can target at an incredibly specific level while still remaining privacy compliant.

What could you do with that data?

  • Advertise a health plan to Medicare age-ins by placing digital ads in households with residents turning 65.
  • Place ads for a new grill in the households that have new movers in the right demographic and age-range.
  • Boost response rates on your direct mail campaign by serving digital ads to recipients before and after your drop date.
  • Promote your career services to households with individuals that are currently unemployed.


*Lean Media respects consumer privacy. To remain compliant, we target at the individual level but deliver online display ads at a ZIP + 4 level (approximately 7-10 houses). 


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