Geo-target ads directly to businesses by industry, size or address.

Whether you’re trying to win new business from a client, get money from an investor or make a special offer to employees in an industry, you really only want to talk to people in a certain group of buildings. But sometimes, you’d rather not go in through the front door.

Business targeting offers a unique way to customize an online display advertising campaign for a specific workplace or mindset. With our IP intelligence, you can deliver your ads directly inside a specific business address or businesses category like retail, education, health care or hospitality to reach the people you want to talk to.

What could you do with that data?

  • Increase your share of mind with a new business prospect by placing ads directly inside their office before a big pitch.
  • Increase trade show booth traffic by reaching attendees at nearby hotels.
  • Advertise textbooks to students by delivering ads directly to university or college campuses.
  • Target travelers by serving ads in airport terminals or on inflight Wi-Fi.

Contact us to see how you can take advantage of delivering online display advertising to certain business categories or even specific business locations.

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