Enhance your targeting through individual & household level demographics, psychographic and behavioral insights.

The average behavioral media company typically relies on insights gained from third-party cookies to make online display advertising most relevant. At best, they’re chasing after a consumer while his or her car speeds off.

With Lean Media, you can pre-target rather than re-target online display ads, meeting consumers when they’re most ready to buy, not after. Using our cookieless, offline database with individual and household level demographic, psychographic and behavioral insights and over 500 attributes, you can better predict consumer behaviors and deliver display ads based on their online and offline attributes.

When you’ve refined your targeting list, we’ll use the most advanced consumer and business geo-delivery technology to get your ads to the right people at the right time.

What could you do with that data?

  • Advertise retirement investment transition services to people turning 65 in the next 6 months with a specific net worth and credit score*. (Credit score a premium attribute and averaged at the Zip+4 level)
  • Advertise consumer goods to female head of households between 35 and 55 with children in non-urban neighborhoods.
  • Advertise entry-level automobiles to consumer households that have children turning 16 and household incomes of a specific level.

Learn how this unique brand of online display targeting can help you reach your target consumers.

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