Cultivating Agribusiness and Ag Industry Audiences to Help You Go Further

Lean Media gets you access to the niche audiences that drive your business.

Programmatic Advertising Services
Lean Media’s programmatic advertising services give you more ways to make meaningful connections with prospective customers across multiple formats: Display, Audio, Native, DOOH, Video and Connected TV.
Our audience-first approach helps you target the right people across the devices they use every day, resulting in greater access and more consistent exposure for your brand.
We give you the data you need to access hard-to-reach audiences and gain control with programmatic ad campaigns.
  • Better access to a niche or hard-to-reach audience
  • More control over your ad frequency and exposure
  • The best campaign strategy for agribusiness or ag-aligned lifestyle CPG
Reach the people you need to reach–with the right message, across multiple devices, through quality ad placements.

We get it. We’re here to provide solutions.

  • Lean Media gives you access to refined audiences with unique data that accelerates demand generation.
  • We combine sophisticated campaign strategy with options that help you reach your target customers across devices.
  • Our programmatic ad strategies directly support your campaign goals. And our transparent reporting gives you peace of mind.
Programmatic advertising puts you in touch with more people, more often.

Today, you have more options than ever to go beyond traditional media channels and target Agribusiness and other niche audiences.
With broader reach and greater precision, programmatic media buying allows you to serve relevant ads to the right users across various devices. That means you can segment and target audiences–by location, crop, acreage, cattle type or herd size. You can also leverage point-of-interest and Ag location behavior data to target your customers.
Whether you’re in agribusiness or focused on lifestyle CPG for farm workers, our proprietary data and audience activation expertise gives you unparalleled audience precision.

Gain control over your ad spend. We can help.

Broader access to unique audiences could be a game changer for your business.

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    Programmatic advertising is the process of using software and marketplaces to automate the buying and selling of digital ad placements.
    Programmatic ad placements include display ads, video ads, social channel ads, audio ads, native ads, connected TV ads and digital-out-of-home ads.
    Programmatic marketing and advertising is right for businesses looking to increase brand awareness of their products or services and need access to more niche audience data than other digital advertising types can provide.
    Lean Media specializes in curating highly niche audience data with a focus on agriculture and rural America. Our industries served include crop science, machine manufacturing, power tools, workwear and all other agribusiness sectors.
    Lean Media is an audience-first programmatic agency, which means we focus on building niche audiences first and then provide solutions for businesses that target those audiences. We know rural America, and we work with companies that need a unique level of access to farmers and the working class.