Digital Media Buying

We know programmatic.

Programmatic Media Buying Expertise

Unlike the practice of traditional media buying — by which predetermined blocks of inventory are bought directly from publishers — programmatic buying allows advertisers to purchase ads at the impression level. Whether through real-time bidding (RTB) auctions or programmatic direct, brands can use programmatic to efficiently reach their target audiences and only buy impressions that matter. At Lean Media, we use programmatic to help you achieve your specific campaign goals, whether you’re interested in reach, conversions, viewability, or additional metrics. Our programmatic buying expertise streamlines the purchasing process, strengthens your ad performance, and puts your campaign in front of the right audiences across devices with greater frequency and improved brand recall.

Strategy & Planning

No “one size fits all” approach here. Lean Media Account Managers and Media Buyers will tailor your campaign to fit.


Our expert Media Buyers design thoughtful campaign architecture to ensure that campaign execution aligns with campaign objectives.


A team dedicated to your campaign follow execution from planning to deployment as well as ongoing maintenance, optimization, reporting and insights.

Quality Assurance

Pre-launch QA processes and ongoing monitoring are put in place so that your campaigns execute to spec and overall quality is maintained.


We continuously track performance and update our buying decisions to maximize ROAS.


Go beyond the click and discover more meaningful insights when customized for your brand and campaign goals.

Ready to Learn More?

Speak with a Lean Media campaign planner to see how our audience-first approach to programmatic advertising can work for your ad campaigns.