Transparency and Rich Data for Deeper—More Meaningful Insights

Campaign Reporting Tailored to Your Campaign Objectives and KPIs

We focus on metrics beyond the click and gather key data points regarding the reach, viewability, and overall quality of your ad placements. At every stage of the process, we provide relevant, granular metrics that align with your campaign objectives, tracking brand awareness metrics such as website engagement, as well as direct response metrics for conversion optimization.

Lean Media Analytics Dashboards


Raw performance metrics are important but transparency in ad impression delivery provides confidence that your KPIs are meaningful. A clear understanding of where, how and when your campaign’s ad impressions occurred can ensure that your advertising tactics are being executed in alignment with the campaign strategies and objectives.

Ad Creatives

Versions – Types – Formats – Sizes


Sites – Site categories – Placement Specs

Device & Environment

Device Type – Browser – In-app – Video Player Specs


Country – State – City – Zip – DMA


Day of Week – Hour of Day



In-view Rate – Video Completion Rate – Conversion metrics – CTR – Reach



Brand Safety – Fraud and Invalid Traffic Protection – Premium Publishers – Programmatic Direct  – Video Quality Control

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